It is interesting to note that in today's technology advanced world today, many things and events impossible to be accomplish in the past are now possible. The internet is changing the way we communicate. Now, internet has even brought business to a higher level where people shop online! I wonder whats next?

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Reflections after CNY

hee... there is no lesson for the past week. so i guess there is no need to submit the article reveiw too? Opps? am i just being lazy? i guess so. However, though i have been busy "ba nian" and collecting ang baos, i did not forget abt the assignment that would be due this coming wednesday! Haha.. time to mug again!

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Reflections for seminar 5

We had a pop quiz! I was freaked out! During the duration of the whole quiz, I was sweating and trembling with fear! Opps… that is too much of an exaggeration. At the end of the day, I totally feel that my knowledge of this module is not even sufficient to pass it. Looks like I have to work extra hard in the holidays!

Article review for seminar 5

What is the basis for your self confidence?

There is a Chinese saying that “failure is the mother of success”. Of course, that is a literal translation. However, the point that I am trying to emphasis is that no one succeeds in the first trial. Often the final victory comes after times and times of failure. The exact same point I am emphasizing is the exact morale that the article is trying to convey to its readers.
The man in the story is indeed inspirational. His faith in himself keeps him going and going after failures. Finally, his belief is what makes him such a successful businessman at the end of the day. It always seems that self confidence is very easy to cultivate. Sadly, that is not true. Self confidence to me is like temper. It is easily affected by its environment and peers. For instance, I might be feeling very good when I dressed very nicely and even when I walked, it “comes with wind”. However, the whole self confidence about myself would be destroyed the moment someone made a comment that my clothes sucks! In an instant, the feeling of self confidence might be changed to inferior complexity.
The article I have chosen is not very related to e commerce. However, I feel that the feeling of self confidence is very important to each and everyone, especially the businessmen.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Reflections for seminar 4

The last lesson was no doubt the most engaging lesson in e commerce. All the groups are supposed to present their market proposal in the form of a flash presentation. Most of the flash presentations were rather creative and urges mi, an amateur to try to learn more about flash. However, one of the groups came up with a power point presentation instead. Although the power point is a quality presentation, the format of the presentation makes it rather unfair to other groups. This is because I believe almost everyone in the class are not equipped with the necessary skills set of flash. Most of us take the effort to learn and come up with the flash presentation. Thus the presentation is done with “blood and sweat”. Also, most of us are rather familiar with the power point and hence coming up with a power point presentation instead would not be of a problem and I believe that the standard might even up higher. The scenario that occur might be due to a lack of communication. Therefore it would be better if all of us receive the same correct set of instructions to prevent similar situations from happening. After all, we all came here to learn, so why not learn something new?

Article Review 4

Five Things More Important to Internet Buyersthan What You’re Selling—Part II

The opening of the article is brilliant! It creates a new outlook on what internet commerce is all about. Instead of the conventional salesmanship, it compares it with the analogy of courtship. In courtship, one tries to get the desired guy or gal to be attracted to you. Of course, this is not done all in 1 day. Besides, time and effort is required to let the relationship blossomed and flowered. This is similar to the unique relationship between online shopping websites and buyers.
Man is curious and wary in nature. Hence, we cannot expect a person to buy things from you the moment they log into your website. They will first browse through the website understanding more on the company before they made any purchase decisions. Then, if a pleasant first impression is created, these customers are likely to come back to your website to check our new products and services. It is only then a purchase is likely. As a result, online websites should create a nice environment for the users to surf through. Of course, the above can be accomplish by the use of graphics and animations. Pop ups on the contrary are usually a nuisance. It might be more sensible not to pursue a strong sales approach like through the massive usage of pop ups. On the other hand, a gentle approach should be used instead.
Finally, there are many factors affecting a buying decision not just the layout of the website. These includes – after sales care and the quality of the product. Therefore, a company should aim to provide a conducive environment for surfing and at the same time strive to uphold its reputation of a recognized company that provides nothing but the best.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Reflections for seminar 3

“We are supposed to come up with a flash for our proposal!!!” That is the first feeling I had when I got the instruction from the tutor. I admit that I am not a very IT person. Though years of schooling have equipped me with the necessary skills to use powerpoint, flash to me is GREEK. During the seminar, the tutor was teaching on that chapters 3 and 4. However, I was not concentrating 100%. My mind kept popping the question of how to come up with a flash. The worst thing is that we have to create it by next Wednesday. This was definitely an uphill task. Luckily, our group met on Sunday and started on this almost impossible task. The process was tiring yet fruitful. At the end of the day, we managed to come up with a simple flash. Though it was an amateur work, we are very proud of ourselves. This is because we self-learned flash all in 1 day!

Article Review 3

“e is for everything?? . . .”

With technology penetrating into our daily lives, even traditional businesses cannot escape from it. In the past, if I want to set up a bakery, I just come up with a marketing proposal, find the shop and the bakers and than embark on my business venture. However, the above method would not possibly be the best solution in the world today.
This article explains on why sustaining a website for the company is necessary and efficient in boosting sales. Therefore, it enforces the point that there is a need to include this aspect in the traditional business proposal. As the articles have mentioned, attracting a new customer is more difficult when comparing to keeping existing customers. With a website, existing customers can log on frequently to these sites and they will be automatically informed of the new products and services offered by the company. In addition, they can seek customer support online. One excellent example is the Singtel website. There is a technical page where customers can access to and on that page it provides information on simple trouble shooting on the internet connection if it is down. This service provided will be very much appreciated especially to not so technically inclined customers where they get precise instructions to rectify the problem.
In conclusion, this article has probe me to look things in a different perspective. In contrast to the normal start up method, if we can think and employ our creativity like providing more services on our website, we can sustain our sales and even push the business to greater heights.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Reflections on Seminar 2

The last session was a mind opener to mi. The emphasis of the last seminar is on the technical area of the website. For instance, we learnt terms like TCP/IP, LAN and differences between HTML and XML.
I have worked as a technical officer in Starhub before. Hence terms like TCP/IP are not greek to me. However, during my stay is Starhub, I have only learnt to master how to configure the IP address to connect to Starhub network. I did not manage to understand the true meanings for these terms and how they exactly work. Therefore, I feel that after last session, I have a clearer idea of the meaning of the terms, how they work and how I can manipulate them.
In addition, the last session was the first online session we had. When the tutor asked us to come up with a HTML script of the group member names, I was daunted. I realized that I had a big problem. I have no idea how to get started. Luckily, one of my group mate, Eileen is quite well versed with HTML. That assignment to her is still manageable. Her proficiency with HTML urges me to read more so that in future, I can also come up with my own HTML script.

Article Review 2

Getting Customers to Plunk Down Their Credit Card
by Dr. Ralph F. Wilson

In the world today where privacy seems to be invaded, the awareness of people of securing their personal information is risen. Personal information can refers to a lot of data- number of siblings, location phone number etc. However, the few mentioned earlier are of the less important. Generally, people are more concerned about their financial statistics. Their credit card number, bank account balance and the property they owned. This concern has been blown up such that it might affect the success of online retailers.
Truly, the internet has exposed us to a whole new reign of information and data. At the same time, we are divulging our personal information to the websites when we surf through them. This definitely sounds scary especially when we imagine of the consequences if some crooks used our credit card number for illegal dealings. Hence, there is a need to provide online shoppers with the assurance that their personal information is kept confidential.
As a result, 3 factors have been created which makes online shopping more attractive and safe. These 3 factors are SSL(Secure Sockets Layer)security, Virtual Wallets and Visa and MasterCard.

SSL(Secure Sockets Layer)security
When a person using Netscape or Microsoft Internet Explorer browser connects with a Web site which is running an SSL Secure Server, all the information transmitted by the customer is scrambled and encrypted.

Virtual Wallets
A customer sets up an account with just a single Internet company -- for example, CyberCash -- and gives them the credit information. CyberCash, then, confirms to merchants who are set up with this system that the customer indeed has credit. The merchant accepts the CyberCash, and the sale is made

Visa and Credit Card
The main credit card companies, supported by a number of on-line software giants, are now coming up with Secure Electronic Transaction (SET) for the Internet. When these are released you need to make sure your shopping cart program will support them. They will allow your credit card number to be encrypted so that no one can read it -- not you nor a merchant. Only the bank or merchant's credit card service will have the decryption code.

The factors described will indeed clinch more deals for online retailers. However, if these factors are more standardized, I believe then the online shopping market would grow even rapidly.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Reflections on seminar 1

The first part of the seminar is a video featuring Clayton Christensen from the Harvard University. The video shown has exposed me to a very new concept. It seems that disruptions are only beneficial to the disruptor. However, this does not necessarily be true. In the medical field, new technologies are surfacing almost everyday. Consequences are reductions in the complexities of the operation and more people can be saved. This meant that both the hospital and the patients benefit as cost and time needed are lowered.
In the second part of the seminar, the lecturer gave us a brief introduction of the course and his expectations of us. In addition, he also went through some slides of the power point that further substantiate the information given in the video. The seminar ended with a rather interesting discussion on the features of a handphone. Some of the more interesting ones are like – scanner, voice recognition and GPS. With technology advancing at a alarming rate, it is a matter of time before the above feature are incorporated into the handphone.
I really enjoyed my first lesson! Although the work load seems to be daunting, nevertheless, I have still decided to continue in taking this subject.

Article Review 1: Can word of mouth save e-commerce?

Before I read this article, there seems to be no correlation between word of mouth and e commerce. However, this article has provided me with an insight on how the above statement is not true. Usually people obtain information of online shopping websites through search engines. Despite the popularity, search engines might not be the best propaganda medium for these dot com companies. Even in the technology world, communication between human beings is still important and useful.
Shopping online is a relative new concept to most people especially the older generation. Many uncertainties deter them from trying. For instance- shipping costs, days to get the product and quality of the product are just some examples of questions bugging them.. Generally, most people do not feel that online companies are reliable as they cannot physically see the product itself and feel it. However, word of mouth would provide this group of people the assurance. General information of the reliability of the company and the quality of the products could be disseminated. As humans are peer motivated, they would be more willingly and comfortable to try out the service if they receive positive feedback from their friends. Personally I got a friend who frequents yahoo auctions. The handbags and skirts bought online are lovely. This pleasant encounter triggers my curiosity to try out the service and with her high recommendations on some particular dot com companies; it is a matter of time that I buy my next handbag online.
There is no doubt that word of mouth would be instrumental in boosting the sales of online companies. However, this would only be successful if the online company has good customer service and after sales support. Or else, word of mouth would just be as effective as bringing the company to doom as news of a torn skirt or cracked watch are circulated among friends or families.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Blog Analysis

It’s really interesting to find that in my daily life, so many events are actually repeating itself. I would say it becomes a routine. I am so customed to the information used in these events that I take them for granted.
For instance, I would repeating ask myself what I want to eat for my meals and evaluate whether I really have a craving for that food or not. In addition, it becomes a chore for mi in the morning to decide what to wear to school. Crucial pieces of information like the weather and the activities I am going to do later in the day have a major impact on my decisions. All the above information needed are derived from facts and evaluated by myself. However, I do note that for some events, the information required is provided by my friend or family member.
For these events, the degree of importance is usually higher. Hence, I normally consider more thoroughly before making a decision. As the school just started, I was in a frenzy to get hold of textbooks. Luckily, my friends were there to provide with valuable information on which are the better textbooks. Their opinion is useful and beneficial in helping me choose the textbook. One reason is that good textbooks are instrumental in my learning. Another is that textbooks are getting more expensive.
I believe that people are bombarded by massive amount of information everyday. Hence, it is important to select the relevant and useful information before making any decision.

Another day...

Time - DayInformation RequiredMy Location Source Cost Value
630amI DUN WANNA wake up!!! (sleepy) bedroom alarm clock freelow
645amMilk or Coffee(fickled minded) kitchenfridge free low
715amShort or long sleeve(weather is cold!)bedroom wadrobe freelow
750amAm I super early for lesson?Boon Lay interchange watch free low
830amIs he speaking English?(cannot make out his words)LT25 dennis and yiting free medium
930amShld I buy the anatomy textbook?(the lecture seems hard to digest!)Popular dennis and yitingfree medium
1115amWhose stupid notes?(it’s taking a hell lot of time for it tp print!)Printing Room dennis free high
1130amWhats for lunch?(famished) Canteen Amyself free low
1230pmIs the lecture boring?(feeling sleepy) LT20 myselffree low
230pmShld I go for gym?(my knee hurts!)179 bus myself free high
330pmColesaw for mi?(getting fatter!) KFCivy free high
430pmIs blood free? (watching Kill Bill Vol 1)Ivy house ivy free low
7pmDinner now?(ivy parents asking mi to eat dinner now)ivy house ivy’s parents free low
730pmContinue pondering whether blood is free?(Kill Bill Vol 2 now) ivy’s room ivy freelow
930pmThink is time to leave?(tmr got lesson at 830)ivy house ivyfree medium
950pmBath or blogging? bedroomcomputer free medium